Saturday, April 11, 2009

Defense Rests

No more discussion of this subject is allowed from this point on within this blog, and I recommend that the subject be dropped from every agenda for obvious reason.

If the reason escapes you, do a little research.

On-topic discussion is still the usual -- I even offer more encouragement than usual. Please raise your favorite topic for discussion. Guest bloggers, do your stuff. Business as usual, anything goes, except the off-topic subject.


Jim Cobabe said...

Thread closed.

Ruth said...


I'm sorry you had to ruin our relationship to arrive at this conclusion.

Limasa Family said...

I am glad to see it go!

On with the good!

Jim Cobabe said...


You be the judge of relationships. I am only an egg.

Grandma Cobabe said...

There are so many HAPPY things to talk about.When I figure out how to put Pics on I will send a super picture of our mountains and some of 2 handsome guys. Love Mary