Sunday, April 05, 2009

Musings from DAD

Sometime ago when I was in a mellow mood, thinking about my lovely wife, and how we got started sixty plus years, I wrote these words. I would like to share them with any one who would care to read them. It is a work in progress, because the story is still being completed. It is kind of a fantasy; some may say it's kind of corny. I will post it in three installments over the next three days.


Once long ago there lived a young man, or perhaps I should say that he was a boy who was becoming a man; which happens to all boys eventually. He was tall and had a strong body, and he could both see and feel that he was well on the way to being a man. He went about his way, doing the things that young men do. He had fun and enjoyed what he was doing and his life was happy and complete—yet not quite complete. Deep within him there were strange feelings that he did not fully understand, as if something was missing or something great was about to happen.

One day he spotted a golden eagle high in the sky above him. He watched it soar and glide and dive, and he thought he had never seen anything more beautiful. He heard its cry, and the sound was as a lovely song and it sank deep into his heart and filled him with strange feeling. Day by day he watched and listened, and by night he dreamed. dreams, until finally he realized that he loved the eagle. He felt that if he could just touch it that he too would be able to fly; to soar and glide high up in the deep blue sky and to see wonders that he could only imagine.

One especially beautiful day he spotted his magnificent eagle perched on top of a tall tower. Filled with a sudden desire he climbed the tower and slowly approached the beautiful bird. He was amazed to see that she was even more beautiful up close than she had been from a distance. Her feathers were golden brown, and her eyes were deep and clear and she carried her self as if she knew that she was a princess of great nobility. Carefully and timidly he approached her, half fearing that she would fly away, that she would just disappear, that this was too good to be true. Such beauty he had never imagined. Slowly he stretched forth his trembling hand to touch her. Gently he laid his finger tips on her beautiful feathers—and suddenly a great miracle happened! His beautiful eagle became a lovely maiden!

In amazement he stepped back and gazed at her. She was truly beautiful. Her voice was like music, and her laughter was like wind chimes in a gentle breeze. Her hair was done up in braids, tied with scarlet ribbons. He touched them and the ribbons fell away and her hair cascaded down around her shoulders. It hung in soft curls and was the same golden brown as the eagles feathers. It framed her angles face. He loved her at first sight. She spoke and he recognized the feelings he had sensed from the eagles call. She sang a song of love to him and he knew that the melody would ring forever in his heart. Gently he enfolded her in his arms and knew that no eagle had ever soared so high. His beautiful golden eagle had become his GOLDEN GIRL.


LivingstonClan said...

Aww--Grandpa! That was soo sweet. It inspires me the level of love you and Grandma still posses, even after all this time.

Grandma Cobabe said...

Well it made me cry .I( do love him you know!!!Even after all these years. We met more than 61 years ago. We had our first date in April of 1948. . Love you Lindsey, Grandma

Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

Golden. Pure gold. That describes you to a T. You are fabulous wonderful people and I love you so much - more than I could ever, ever say. The only desire of our hearts is to be worthy to be with you forever in the Celestial Kingdom. Thank you for giving us the gospel which will make all of this possible. Thank God for sending us to such wonderful people!


Sarah Cobabe Thomas said...

Dad, you are so sweet - I look forward to reading the next installments.

Limasa Family said...

I hope someday I find a man just as sweet as you Grandpa. You have always struck me as a kind and loving person, and deserve all the happiness you have found in your life. I'm very glad you two have one another to love and lean on for support.