Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Mountain of the Lord's House: Day Two

The second day holds promise of April's renewal and the messages of Easter morn and resurrection.

Also that great turkey browning nicely in the oven!


Jim Cobabe said...

Am I imagining, or is there sometheing extraordinare with regard to music for this conference at least thus far?

Jim Cobabe said...

Every talk in this morning session was great. I was particularly impressed with Elder Holland's message -- it was aimed specifically for me, and it struck home directly.

What is your impression of the conference? Isn's President Monsons leadership such a great example? I love President Eyring, the kind hearted man with the powers of heaven behind him, and President Uchtdorf, assertive and strong like velvet on steel. They form a perfectly complementary presidency. Together, their united counsel forms a tight knit front that so many of the other brethren follow
with undeviating exactness.

Would that we could all be so faithful in our service!

Rhonda said...

I think we all felt that President Holland was speaking to us directly and individually. He is a master speaker who addressed the lonely places in each of our hearts.

I loved the video montage of President Monson that played during the closing hymn when the choir repeated the first verse of "We Thank The O God for a Prophet." The prophet's face and demeanor seem to radiate love.

Mary Cook said...

I would post a comment, but Rhonda has said it all!