Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Delight in my Friends

Friends are like the stars. One constant in the ever-changing sky.

I had a close encounter meeting last week with a friend who typifies the constellations in my bright universe. She made a special accommodation in her busy schedule just to meet with me, I cannot explain why, but it was a dinner meeting at a Chinese restaurant. My sister and her family and another good friend came along, and the stars blazed bright. I just basked in the glow and warmth of good will and conversation that flowed like warm sunshine between us.

If every meeting with a dear close acquaintance that I have never met before could only go so well, I would certainly call for them more often, on a regular basis.

In fact, I confess, I make friends under normal circumstances with great deliberation and care, even some stubbornness and reluctance. It is generally a process that occupies many years, if not some decades. In my judgement, I am an easy person to get to know casually, but do not normally form friendship without a long and careful trial. I cannot explain -- perhaps I have been hurt too many times. Because friendship also opens serious vulnerabilities that can be exploited easily and thoughtlessly by others. Much to my discomfort and personal pain -- so I have discovered.

I have also discovered a universe of bright stars in the heavens, my good friends. I count them as such, ans they will always be there, forever shining bright in the darkness, though we may never meet again in this life. Indeed, I expect such to be the case with most of them. We had our moment of meeting, to share time and break bread. Now we get on with life, and the sweet and sacred memory of our friends sometimes shines out of the light and warmth, and the love we share, no matter how many miles or how much time may separate us.

Thank you forever, my friends!


9 of Nine said...
One thing I love about looking up at the night sky, in a really dark area - you know, like Hideaway Valley, where the surroundings are not interrupted by other light "noise":

The space between the stars is filled with what at first seems to be blackness, just blankness. But if you look long enough and hard enough, you come to see that there just might be something there - more stars? They're almost imperceptible, but if they really are there, they are so innumerable no one could ever, ever count them.

Are these your friends too?
Jim Cobabe said...

I am sure most all the world could qualify, like the stars is the galaxy, if I could but open myself up to the possibilities.

But alas, my true friends are few and far between. I limimt them myself, because of my own weakness and insecurity. Barring that, I'm sure my personal night sky could be much fuller.

As it is, my personal sky of brightly beaming constellation of friends is perhaps sparse, when compared to some. But they will be there in my heavens lighting the way after all other things grow dim and pass away. These relationships are sealed in a different way, but are just as sacred to me.
Jim Cobabe said...

I should add parenthetically that I consider the bond with friendship to form a mutual obligation. I would sacrifice anything for a friend in need, without hesitation or thought.

The nice thing is, true friends would never ask unless they are in the depths of dire need, so it balances out very well, and has never proven to be the least imposition, or anything but the most edifying of spiritual roots in my life. My life is richer because of my friends,

I don't need any adjectives. Friends are always as good as they can get. There is no better quality. Would that I could return something better for the sacred honor.
9 of Nine said...
One of the things I find so frustrating about friendship is the disappointment of it. I'm pretty stupid about friendship. I unwittingly accept just about everyone as a friend. Therefore the entire vastness of the night sky shows me the array of my countless and endless friendships.

The truth of the matter is that my true friendships could probably be be arrayed on Orion's belt. The big dipper is almost certainly too big to display those that I could call true friends.

I am almost always ready to accept anyone and everyone as a friend, and therefore I find myself with a broken heart more often than not.

Ironically, one of my favorite quotes regarding friendship comes from our sister Kathy's wall -

A friend is not a person who is taken in by sham.

A friend is one who knows our faults and doesn't give a damn.

Very, very ironic.

Your true, true friend -

Patricia said...
She made a special accommodation in her busy schedule just to meet with me, I cannot explain why...

Yes, it's a mystery why anyone would want to meet a toad-disrespecting cuss like yourself!

Actually, I have it on good authority that the person in question believed her meeting you one of the most important things she did last weekend--an inexpressible delight, a solid hour-and-a-half of wonder. She considered it a natural step in the friendship. Furthermore, now that she knows you speak all right over the phone, you can expect phone calls from time to time.

If every meeting with a dear close acquaintance that I have never met before could only go so well, I would certainly call for them more often, on a regular basis.

What a wonderful line!

Jim, you rock!
Limasa Family said...
You have a great way with words Jim, your blog made my day!
Joshua said...
With all of the blogging that has been going on recently, with mean and hurtful things being said by family members, I am reminded of the Proverb 15:1 "A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stirup anger." I would like to say, that if I have ever offended any of you, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me. I am trying to learn to be a better person as each day goes by. I learned at a very young age to forgive something that was very hurtful to me. As painful as that was the lesson learned was worth the pain, so the hurt was not in vain. Ruth, I dont know if you are still looking at this blog, but if you are, I would like to say a few things to you. Ruth, I remember alot of fun things about you. Do you remember when you took us all to raging waters in Salt Lake? I remember you were driving our suburban and it must have been the first time you had driven a larger vehicle,because you said, "I can drive a house!" I also remember that you have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. I have always loved to hear you sing. When you and Darren sang at my missionary farewell, the spirit was so strong. I will never forget that. I also remember when Iwas deployed to IRAQ, you would always tell me how you and your kidswere praying for me. That meant a lot. Do you know that you were the only one who told me that you were doing that? In all our family, I am sure that there were others praying for me, but you were the only one who let me know. Thank you for that. Lastly, I remember stopping by Grandma's late one night, you were very sick. And for reasons I do not know, Darren asked me to give you a blessing. I was really taken by that request. In the room was Grandpa, Uncle Jim, and Darren. But I was asked to give you a blessing. I dont remember everything that was said, but I assure you that blessing did not come from me. That was a blessing for you from your Father in Heaven. I remember that you were not blessed to recover immediately, but that there would be tough times ahead... But, you were blessed that you would pull through, that you would be there for your husband and children who need their wife and mother. Ruth, this is what I think about when I think of you. I dont pretend to understand what you are going through... But I know that blessing was not a temporary blessing, it was not just for that time when you nearly left this world. It is a continual blessing that you can draw on throughout your life. Ruth, I love you. Joshua

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