Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Family and Friends: Bright Constellations Revisited

I am revisiting this topic just to be very clear on this assertion. When I make a friend, I am very stubborn. I refuse to change my mind, ever, come what may. That goes without saying for family members. We are sealed as families forever, and I want that to change not at all. It is the Polaris, the North Star or my personal constellations. I love you always and forever, no matter the circumstances, it is no longer a subject of my options. My strongest conviction is that I chose my family in the pre-mortal world, and that we assembled before Heavenly Parents in unanimous assent, and expressed the most positive "YES!" ever before or since resounding throughout the heavens and echoing through eternity. A "yes!" that echoes now in my mind, renewing the resolve to live together with family and friends after the manner of happiness, love, and harmony. We looked forward to such incredible eternal splendor and glory that the Andromeda galaxy would pale like a tawdry cheap child's toy by compare. But this is the realistic comparison I can make today -- stars, that twinkle and glitter like diamonds, in almost inconceivably staggering numbers, casually strewn along to light the way!

I recognize my shortcomings and weaknesses -- none knows them better than I. But I strive for the great Ideal, to emulate the Savior.

In fact, my family and friends seem very like the stars. One constant in the ever-turning wheel of the sky.

I make friends under normal circumstances with great deliberation and care, even some degree of stubbornness and reluctance. It is generally a process that occupies many years for me, if not some decades. In my judgment, I am an easy person to get to know casually, but do not normally form what I recognize as friendship without a long and careful trial. I cannot explain -- perhaps I have been hurt too many times. Because friendship also opens serious vulnerabilities that can be exploited easily and thoughtlessly by others. Much to my discomfort and personal pain -- so I have discovered.

I have also discovered a universe of bright stars in the heavens, my good friends. I count them as such, and they will always be there, forever shining bright in the darkness, though we may never meet again in this life. Indeed, I expect such to be the case with most of them. We had our moment of meeting, to share time and break bread. Now we get on with life, and the sweet and sacred memory of our friends sometimes shines out of the light and warmth, and the love we share, no matter how many miles or how much time may separate us.

Thank you forever, my family, my friends!

I am sure most all the world could qualify, like the stars is the galaxy, if I could but open myself up to the possibilities.

But alas, my true friends are few and far between. I limit them myself, because of my own weakness and insecurity. Barring that, I'm sure my personal night sky could be much fuller.

As it is, my personal sky of brightly beaming constellation of family and friends is perhaps sparse, when compared to some. But they will be there in my heavens lighting the way after all other things grow dim and pass away. These relationships are sealed in a different way, but are just as sacred to me. I should add parenthetically that I consider the bond with friendship to form a mutual obligation. I would sacrifice anything for a friend in need, without hesitation or thought.

The nice thing is, true friends would never ask unless they are in the depths of dire need, so it balances out very well, and has never proven to be the least imposition, or anything but the most edifying of spiritual roots in my life. My life is richer because of my friends. If called upon to die for a friend, it would be a happy way to end my life, an ending note of harmony and peace amid a world so harsh and discordant.

I don't need any adjectives. Friends are always as good as they can be. There is no better quality. Would that I could return something better for the sacred honor.

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briancobabe said...

random thought: when i was a little kid i always remembered grandpa telling in his nice deep voice the story about the cremation of sam mcgee. do you remember that one? i looked it up on the internet a long time ago to refresh my memory....