Sunday, April 05, 2009

Conference Spinoff: Good Internet Uses

President Monson warned against the evil that lurks in the Internet, but we also were watching this conference over the Internet broadcast.

What other good uses has your family and household made of Internet services? Name and describe some of the normal things you use every day, and perhaps some unique or unusual ideas you might have or be using now that we might share.


Rhonda said...

My husband and I teach Gospel Doctrine in our ward. This is my favorite calling in the Church. I have the printed manual provided by our Sunday School presidency, but I rarely use it. For me, it's much easier to save the lesson from the Church's website to Word, and then I can make my notes in the Word document. I can highlight different sections of the lesson, print quotes in different colors so they stand out from the rest of the text, scriptures in yet another color. Granted, I could use a highlighter and make marginal notes on the printed manual, but I find this much more fun!

In addition, there are so many great lesson helps out there. Most of the worthwhile LDS blogs have postings on our current course of study. Meridian Magazine publishes a gospel doctrine lesson commentary each week. This is all keeping in mind that Elder Ballard's warnings: “Teachers would be well advised to study carefully the scriptures and their manuals before reaching out for supplemental materials. Far too many teachers seem to stray from the approved curriculum materials without fully reviewing them. If teachers feel a need to use some good supplemental resources beyond the scriptures and manuals in presenting a lesson, they should first consider the use of the Church magazines”

Beth said...

Hey, I used to print up my lesson for RS too. Then I could cut the parts I wanted someone to read into strips and the whole class would help with the lesson! Sometimes there were so many quotes I wanted to use that 3/4 the class would get my little strips of paper! I thought I was so clever!