Friday, April 24, 2009

Back in Service

After a long winter vacation and a series of unfortunate incidents, all of our basic transportation is back in service:

Chevy Silverado 4wd crew cab pickup w/shell
Toyota 4-Runner 4wd SUV
Dodge Dakota 4wd crew cab pickup w/shell
Nissan Maxima sedan

The Toyota needed a new center link and back window, along with new marker lights and new plastic grille to make it presentable, but it is feeling much better new. The Dakota received a rebuilt transmission and transaxle thanks to Dans Trans. And the Nissan needed a new power steering booster, but now is good as ever. All together, about $5000 in vehicle repair parts and labor. Pretty hefty price tag, but they should stand up for another season.

Also in the lineup of ATV equipment:

Polaris 800 Sportsman w/winch
Honda 500
Polaris 500
Polaris 350


Limasa Family said...

That's a lot of transportation!

Jim Cobabe said...

Yeah, and we are gonna need it.

Contract area includes some 250,000 acres.