Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who's On First?

Who's on First

Abbot and Costello are always good for a laugh. My family and my blog are both overdue for comic relief, so I think this skit is in order.

I see that all the guest bloggers I invited so far have either skedaddled or not taken me at my word, or did not understand the proposed arrangement.

Let me explain...

No on second thought that could take too long -- let me summarize.

First, I invited a list of guest bloggers to participate on Snail Hollow Gazette. It isn't a mainstream blog, but no pipsqueak either. Commonly, more than 100 readers per day, some of them scanning more than 20 pages and spending a half hour or more. Not to mention bots and followers that SiteMeter can't really monitor. People from all over the globe. More than 5000 in the past six months alone, and the invited guest bloggers can have this audience, at no cost, until I, the benevolent dictator usurp absolute control. Call it an experiment in internet social dynamics.

Second, the nominated guest bloggers are nominated by me or by other guests. Guests can bring guests, I don't impose restrictions. You bring your own friends.

Third, the initial group is as follows: Alexander, Patricia, Ricky, Bill and Mary, Robert, and Johnna. These are all people I well know, but not necessarily known to each other. They can freely post new blog threads and interact as the blog owner normally would. I note that Johnna has already bugged out -- she apparently wanted no part of this dull scene. Maybe we can liven up the action and interest her and some of her friends. Johnna has a large circle of really interesting acquaintance, a few of them even odder than me, if you can imagine such a thing!

Fourth, discussion is based within the Snail Hollow Gazette framework and foundation, and must not depart therefrom, else I will terminate this arrangement immediately. There will be no negotiation or recourse. It remains my blog and mine alone.

Fifth, discussion foundations are based in gospel principles and encompass Life, the Universe, and Everything. Anyone finding that to be too narrow or confining can go start his own blog.

Sixth, I am going on comatose vacation and expect to be functionally brain dead for the next few months, and am trying to run a business, write a book, buy a car, build a house, dream a little dream, etc. So I am expecting to read great things from everyone, and may even drop a comment or two, but basically I will facilitate and moderate, and as little as possibles. Hopefully, you all already have learned correct principles of internet blogging and will govern yourselves accordingly.

If I capriciously think of any other rules, I'll invent them on the spur of the moment, like Calvinball. Guest bloggers are free to state and enforce arbitrary rules also.

That stated, who's on first?


B. Perky said...

How do you figure those parameters to be restrictive. I can generally talk like I know what I'm saying (I think), lets the games begin. (I think I understand--don't necessarily seek a wider audience but whatever.) e-mail is lrandrl@yahoo.com

Now what? I'll try and call you tomorrow. Any time better than another?

Jim Cobabe said...


Your blog entries will be self-limiting within the bounds of propriety as you see them.

Do you want me to talk, or should I just send an invite?

PS probably bad form to use plain text to send your email these days. lots of bots scanning. Instead, use a simple code that is obvious to humans, but too complex for a bot. Like boze at yahooo doootttt coom.

Jim Cobabe said...


Oh, before 10 am and after 5pm. Don't worry, just kidding about W C Fields (my little chickadee!)

Mary Cook said...

Jim, Perhaps you have all those readers because they like to hear what you have to say? Don't get big headed or anything, but I'll buy the book.

Love, Mary

Mary Cook said...
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Anonymous said...


Ok, another reference so I can no longer resist.

The answer, of course, is 42! Never read the books, but my kids have and I've watched the movie...

Love you,

Sarah Cobabe Thomas said...

Jim, I'm not sure how to participate in this blog - I signed up, but I am only able to comment - so I'm not sure what is different. Anyway, I read a great quote that I thought I would share by Patricia Holland:

Believe me when I tell you that God is a God of justice. Ultimately, he cannot treat his righteous children differently. Whatever blessings you have gone without will be made up to you in divine and glorious fashion. I give you every assurance, they will be made up to you to the point where you will not be confident that God treated you fairly but embarrassed that he treated you so very generously.