Sunday, March 08, 2009

Update From Jim's Dad

This evening we visited with Jim for about 45 minutes.  He is in good health and in good hands.  He is doing well.

He has asked me as the patriarch of the family to write a message on his behalf, as he is not able to do it now.

I will post this message on Snail Hollow Gazette tomorrow evening, when I've been able to make it say what I want it to.

Thank you all for your love and for your continued faith and prayers.


Bill Cobabe, Sr.


Wm Morris said...

Thanks for taking the time to post an update. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jim and all of you.

Rhonda said...

Uncle Bill,

Love to all of you. You are all in my heart and in my prayers. I am especially praying for you that you will find the words you need right now.