Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Night Update

Carl, posting for Jim.

Well, another day of great progress to my untrained eye.  I got to have about an hour with Jim, and Cindy was there with me for about 20 minutes.

The medications and special glasses appear to be working well for Jim.  His pain continues to decrease.  He mentioned that he has had fewer shark attacks, and those that he has had are less severe.  He is more upbeat, and more convinced that he is moving forward with a purpose in his life.  He is stronger, and is fully participating in life in the hospital.  He is feeling much less pain on a continuing basis, and life is better for him.  He believes that his time in the hospital is very helpful to him, as he had a chance to get away from stresses on the outside and "wrap himself in cotton" to rejuvenate his mental and emotional health.

Jim is on track to be discharged at noon on Tuesday.  That's his current working plan.

Jim has been unable to read because his regular glasses don't magnify the text enough for his not-so-young eyes.  Cindy stopped by the dollar store and bought some reading glasses for him, and before we left the hospital he put on the reading glasses for magnification and the prescription lenses for the fluorescent blocking, and was able to read.  This will be good for him, because as you know, he loves to read to sate his seemingly infinite curiosity.

Jim appreciated the comments that you have posted to his blog, and appreciates all the love and prayers in his behalf.  He got emotional when I read them to him, and he shared with me his love for his family and his friends.  He strongly reiterated that he believes his friends are friends for eternity, whether he sees them once or twice in his lifetime, or on a daily basis.  Thank you all for being his friends.

Jim wants all of the Cobabe extended family to learn these words:  basilar migraine syncope.  This is a syndrome that Jim has been diagnosed with.  He lived for years with recurring migraines, many of which were debilitating for several hours or a day.  He has now been properly diagnosed with this syndrome.  This syndrome is very rare, but runs in families.  If you suffer from regular migraines with aura, please search for basilar migraine syncope on Google, and see a neurologist to see if you can obtain a diagnosis and treatment.  Jim would love it if his experience could prevent suffering for those he loves.

Thanks again for your faith and prayers.


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Limasa Family said...

I love to read about Jim. I find it so uplifting that his thoughts are always of others, rather than himself, even in times of great trial.

Jim you are one of the sweetest and most caring men I have ever known, your voice, and face remind me of my own Dad's, and this has been a comfort to me all of my life, but more recently since he has passed away.

I love you Jim, you're thoughtfulness astounds me, and I hope to come to Utah soon to visit with you.

Love, Kristina