Monday, March 30, 2009

Syncope: falling on the floor

I have passed out dead to the world a dozen times within the past week. This has never happened before, and it frightens me.

The passing out episodes started last Sunday, when I sudenly blacked out while walking into the front room. I had about ten seconds of strange light headedness, more than usual migraine aura sensation (don't ask me to elaborate on that) and everything went black. It wasn't very progressive at all. Just suddenly, I was laying on my back on the floor, and about fifteen minutes had passed that I coudn't accout for.

Another episode yesterday when I was washing dishes. I bumped my head pretty hard. Do I need my helmet?

Today I blacked out on the treadmill at PT. I'm getting to be a public menace. Then another time in the car on the way home somewhere I guess.

Oh, well. Time passes pretty fast if you're zoned out.

Next instalment:  Reunion

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Mary Cook said...

I thought the passing out episodes were related to Shark attacks--when they got intense, you passed out. This sounds like something different. Wow. Something new all the time with you. Have you asked your doctor about this? Hope someone can help figure this out, before you get hurt.

Love, Mary