Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Snow Update

A little more snow adds to the mix. As you can see, Snail Hollow is spot on for a good water year, neither too wet nor too dry.

The ground was bare for a while, due to fewer storms and warmer temperatures.

My dad is fond of saying that Snail Hollow has three seasons -- Snow, Mud, Dust. Currently, we have just passed the Mud Equinox and are approaching the next Dust Solstice.

A big flock of wild turkeys migrated into Snail Hollow the other day. I tried rounding them up with my 4 wheeler ATV. They outsmarted me, dumb turkey that I am, but mom managed to catch this one lone hen that got separated from the bunch.

The Biggest Turkey in Snail Hollow on the Polaris 800


Anonymous said...

I thought you weren't allowed the keys to the Polaris anymore, you escaped prisoner, you.

Or was this in the pre-prison break period, prior to when the turkey flew the coop?

Jim Cobabe said...


It was the Saturday preceding.

Anonymous said...

Rob says hello.

Jim Cobabe said...


I am proud and humbled to give an official nod tp your presence and welcome, Rob is my natural-born son Robert Thomas. I hope he will see fit to grace us with some if his acerbic wit and wisdom -- he has a sharp tongue and keen intellect.

Robert, thanks for caring enough to be here. It means a lot to me just to be together with you in virtual space for the very first time. A momentous event. A solemn occasion for me to contemplate.

Jim Cobabe said...


Gubler's gobblers are the domestic variety, but they make a lot of noise across Snail Hollow in the quiet morning hours. The wild turkey flock has taken up roost in the PJ just beyond my dad's cleared area, in his back yard. I can hear them every morning now. Gubler's gobblers will call, and a dozen or more wild toms will answer back from out in the trees in the back yard. It is a surprising development here in Snail Hollow, where the cycle of life pulses strong and vital each day.