Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sensory Inventory IV

I am experiencing all kinds of changes, so it is difficult to keep current with documenting.

Worst is less warning and greater urgency with urinary continence. I have had problems keeping my diapers dry. Since February, incontinent episodes have increased from a couple of small leaks once or twice a week to major accidents that not even super absorbent diapers can handle, every two or three days. I am going through the diapers at an expensive rate.

In the shower, my hands sense has regained full sensory awareness, so far as I can determine objectively. I can feel strands of hair now with all fingers except little guy right hand, and some areas numb still on the heel of the left. Otherwise, all okay.

Feet and legs continue unchanged. Some regained sense in right foot in the hospital stay, but nothing more since then. Abdomen still numb.

Facial area seems fully restored, as determed during showering and shaving, and during brushing of teeth. Still a lingering hatband lack of sensation.

Persistent nagging footdrop problems since February. Dr, Hyatt ordered cerebral MRI scan along with neurosurgury lumbar spine followup to find new dead brain areas causing the newer neuro deficits.

But nobody cares, I suppose. I didn't care enough to be mistreated at a hospital again at the time it developed. All they could have done is said, "Yep, another brain stem stroke. Isn't that odd!, we thought you woudn't have another one until at least a year. Oh, well. So much for medical prognosis."

I guess I'm off the list of most favored nation status or something, maybe for a long time. I'm not even going to argue. Oh well. I was hoping for a couple of more miracles.

I have also developed a high-speed faint that is very distressing, because other than coming from within aura status, there is no advance warning, I just start blacking out very suddenly, and it is chancy whether I can manage to grab something substantial on the way down or not. I've twice fallen and regained with really big bumps on my head even uglier than the ones there before. Dr Hyatt says the blood tests and MRI scan will help differential diagnoses. We' see what develops.

I'm still planning to get copies of imaging media to give to the radiology intern guy I met in the hospital a couple weeks ago. He agreed to research and help me find out what "white spots" are in the cerebral MRI imaging, and why they are different that sclreo bodies of MS.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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