Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sensory Inventory X

Today my great toe on the left foot is recovering sensation, gradually, for the first time since January!


I never expected to recover any feeling in my left foot after the neurosurgeon indicated that some nerves were sacrificed when the schwanoma was excised. Nerves just don't grow back -- do they? Now I'm not so sure.

This morning, I noticed feeling something strange. A pain I haven't felt in months. I know that feeling -- its a pain , in my toe. Wait -- ITS ON THE LEFT FOOT -- THE FOOT WITH NO FEELING!!!

I quickly grabbed a fork and tested the tactile sense.

Yup. Big toe is definitely rejoining the universe of members that are sensing things again.

Thanks be to God. I bow in gratitude to the powers of heaven.

All thanks be to God.


Anonymous said...

Cindy here...

How exciting, but using a fork to test for feeling? Yikes! Hope you aren't skewered too much! We rejoice with you in your returned sense of touch! Our minds and bodies are such amazing things. Doctors are good, and they've learned and can help much, but God knows how we really work, since he designed us in the first place. Maybe some of the nerves were only slightly "bruised" and not wholly sacrificed? And maybe another small miracle that means so much. Hurrah!

Love you,

Jim Cobabe said...


I was so excited, I had to test with something.

Actually, it was a plastic picnic fork. Can't inflict much damage. I have a hard enough time with potato salad, for pete's sake!

Anyway, it's no big deal, except to me. Parts of my body I thought were dead are coming back to life. They were only sleeping. (Seems like I recall a scripture reference like that. Have your seminary guys recite it. A few words make a powerful statement. One of the most moving passages I know is John 11:35, and it is also one of the briefest possible statements, that nonetheless manages to say everything.)

Sarah said...

Jim, I had the nerves removed from between my third and fourth toes on both feet (morton's neuroma)- and I was told they could grow back. I do not want these nerves back! (so far, so good)


Patricia said...

Excellent, Jim.

What was lost is now found!

When my father had an operation to replace a heart valve, the surgeon cut through a nerve to his voice box. His beautiful speaking voice was reduced to gravel, and gravel it remained.

So hearty congratulations for regaining fork-authenticated sensation in your toe. Now you can feel pain when you stub it.