Saturday, March 28, 2009

Migraine Weirdness IV

I want to kiss Dr Digre at the University of Utah Moran Eye Center. Ruth and Dr. Warner get kisses too, for helping me get in to see Dr. Digre. Without them, I'd just be another name on the list, probably dead. They helped salvage a dying man. Why, I'll never understand, but I'll alwas love them, all three.

After suffering with migraine pain more or less continually since July last year, I am now very nearly headache-free.

This time, I am hopeful that it is a long term solution.

Recall, I experimented before with the Zonisamide drug, Zonegran, which was developed for epilepsy and seizure suffers, but has seen more general application, as I believe, with migraneurs as a group. Migraine therapy tends to be rather experimental in nature. Just try something -- anything. Migraine sufferers will try just about anything to get relief.

Anyway, after titrating Zonegran to the 100 mg level, the migraine seemed gone, but I quit taking it for a time as I was admitted to the U hospital for testing, and the headaches came back with a vengance. Although I resumed the Zonegran, and started a number of other psychotropics after that, I have never been entirely headache free since. The "shark attacks" have steadily diminished, however, and the background migraine is barely noticeable now.

All in all, great progress is being made. I am able to function as well as before in many ways, although I do have some serious problems and challenges that remain. I keep very optimistic about the future, in ways I never felt so strongly.

I have honestly looked forward to death as a relief from the pain of this world. Now, it is looking better every day. Maybe I'll stick around for awhile after all. (big flashy smile)


Mary Cook said...

I like that big flashy smile! I'm so glad to hear the headaches have diminished so much, and with you, hope they can be banished forever.

Love, Mary

Jim Cobabe said...


Thanks for the encouragement. I am making progress, thanks to help from my angel sister, Ruth. I would hug her if I could, but I guess that will wait.