Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home II

This is a blog post from Jim once again, home with a gladdened heart and renewed resolve to find the beauty and hope and love that is all around us, and to love Heavenly Father with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.

Once again, I find occasion to give thanks for a homecoming from the depths of a grateful heart. Words cannot express to my friends and family how much the outpouring of good wishes and prayers has supported and buoyed me up in this difficult trial. Indeed I can only relate a small fraction of the whole -- some is just too much for even me to believe, and some is simply too sacred to try to describe on this public forum. Those of you with an interest is such matters, especially family and friends, please ask in private, I am anxious to give more details in more appropriate circumstances. Suffice it to state here that I pay tribute to my Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, the true font, from whom all blessings flow.

I specifically need to mention my brother Carl Sorenson and his wife, my sister, Cindy and their family, the children. Thanks for efforts on behalf of our family and many other challenges you faced and dealt with that are too great to enumerate here. Thank you. I am eternally in your debt. My tears of gratitude flow forever from the altar of sacrifice for what you have done for me and our family.

I offer the same genre of thanks to the staff of the hospital, but words cannot express, and I will not likely see most of you again in this life. Would that such a thing were possible, but is is not practical, I suspect. I vow to dedicate the balance of my life in service to others. This is the best I can offer. It is the best I can do, and I recognize how inadequate the feeble offering; but if I had more, I would give it, heaven knows.

The other patients I met and exchanged friendship with in the hospital -- you have become special friends, in a special way. I'll restrain myself from saying any of you names, but if any should read this, and care to write privately, or send an email, I would love to exchange email. In any case, the door is forever opened from my side, if that means anything - see my post about how I regard my friends. That goes for hospital staff and many of the doctors I met and counselled with also, btw.

I am humbled indeed that the Lord deigns to take notice of such a one as I. I am at this juncture more resolved than ever to serve His holy purposes, whatever it may entail. At first, I had in mind that the Lord must have preserved my life to serve so grand purpose in the great eternal scheme of things. It has been some education to see, from my stiff-necked posture, that I am not that important. I will be be happy to serve, where ever and what ever the Lord may call me to. I may not know much, but it is enough. My resolution is borrowed from Elder Wirthlin's maxim, that his mother taught to him: "Come what may, and love it!"

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Wm Morris said...

Hooray for your homecoming!

Mary Cook said...

Glad to hear you in your own voice again, Jim. We are also glad you are home. And we appreciate the efforts of Carl and Cindy on your behalf, and for Mom and Dad, too. Wish we were closer, so we could be of more help. But you must know that you are in our prayers daily.

Love, Mary

Rhonda said...

Jim! So glad to hear from you and especially that you are doing so well. You are such a special person and have touched so many people's lives. I am sure the Lord has more work for you to do, and it's good to know you're seeing the possibilities.

Love you.

B. Perky said...

Good to see you posting again.

Jim Cobabe said...


Thank you for offering prayers in my behalf. I know of a certainty that the powers of heaven were called down, although I do now understand why they bother to spend time administering to lost and hopeless souls such as myself. Regardless of my own worth, I found the help I needed, and many who put their arms around my shoulders with a supportive embrace when I felt I could go on no further. It amazes me what we can do with the right support. THANK YOU. AND THANK HEAVEN!

Patricia said...


I'm so happy to see you "Home Sweet Home."

It's funny that, somehow, this blog feels like your home where I can come visit you. I'm very grateful for your open door.

Hey, I saw my first golden eagle of the year in Crossfire on Saturday, and the beaver ponds are big enough now that a few Canadian geese stop over on their passage north.

It amazes me how a place can change in so little time, and how much it affects so many other creatures when it does change.

We've had two warm days. Yesterday evening I was up in Moab, and the weather was so pleasant! All these youngsters running all over town with their rock climbing gear.

I've put a few things in the garden.

So what's it like in Snail Hollow these days?

Again, I'm happy to see your return, but just so you know--I knew you'd return at your earliest convenience.

Sarah Thomas said...

Jim, you can't imagine how your post brightened my day! So nice to share good family news. Actually, through all the difficulty of the past couple of weeks, I am increasingly impressed by the love and concern of family members and friends. I am so glad to be a part of a family that loves, cares, and forgives.