Sunday, March 08, 2009

Blog for Jim

This is Ruth, blogging for Jim.

It's my fault, really. I upset Jim.

I don't know what happened after I left, but now he's in the psych ward at Utah Valley Regional Hospital. I don't know anything else, because nobody will tell me anything. I have nothing to report other than that. I'm sorry.


Patricia said...

What can I do? Anything besides wait and pray?

Jim Cobabe said...

Hi Patricia -

You are so sweet and kind. You can try calling my parents and seeing if they will give you the passcode to call Jim at the hospital. I don't have it. I haven't been able to get in touch with anyone who will give it to me. I'm the family pariah right now - family stuff, you know.

But I know Jim would love to hear from you.

BTW - This is Ruth writing under Jim's blog name again. I miss him so much. If you get his passcode, let me know, so I can get it from you somehow. Please, I need to talk to him.

Jim Cobabe said...

This is Carl, Jim's brother-in-law.

Please pray for Jim and all his family.

We will give more information as soon as it is available.



Jim Cobabe said...

Dear Patricia,

Thanks for your concern and love for Jim. As he gets better, I hope he'll want to talk with more people on the telephone.

Right now, he chooses not to talk with anybody on the telephone.

The medical staff have made it clear that nobody except the patient can give the code. This is an ironclad rule, which made it very difficult for any of us to get in to visit Jim.

So if you (or any other of Jim's many friends) do have the opportunity to talk with him while he's in the hospital, please follow all the hospital rules.

Thanks for your faith and prayers.


Patricia said...

Thanks, Carl.

I will sit tight and wait for further word.

Jim Cobabe said...

This is a personal comment that Jim is adding, just to clarify...

Dear Ruth,

Please don't burden yourself with any more guilt over this matter. The blame for the decision was entirely mine, I made the choice, and I take the responsibility. I don't know where you are or what you are doing right now, but I wish healing could administer to your soul like balm of Gilead. I want nothing but the goodness we shared those days we spent together at dad's house, working out the worlds problems and talking as if we had power to make a difference. I am still striving to understand how to give away that burden we talked about. It is the most difficult and the simplest of all, both at the same time, if you take my meaning.

If I can serve any use to help with either you or members of your little family, I stand ever anxious. Please ask. You are and will always be a bright star in the brightest constellation of my universe.

I pray always for your welfare. May the good Lord grant His rich blessings.