Saturday, March 21, 2009


This was a frightful and confusing episode. Short, but terrifying.

My dad and I had a busy schedule yesterday for several hours. PT at 11:00 am, visit with the shrink at 1:00 am. Dad went shopping at WallyWorld while Rhonda sympathized for another hour. Thanks, Rhonda!

We had a few stops along the way home to Snail Hollow. One was at Dans Trans, to talk about resurrecting the Dodge Dakota that is sitting on flat tires since last summer, in the tall weeds and grass of back yard.

Dan talked good business sense and topped off the Ford automatic tranny with Delco for good measure. I got in the truck, suddenly overwhelmed by feeling poorly, not unusual for me at this point in my life. One of Dan's mechanic's stopped to chat. Turns out, he was one of the guys I was in structure firefighter training together with in 2008, and we chatted a bit. After that things turned weird.

Dad started driving, and ti seemed like everything looked looming and threatening. I couldn’t even remember what the buildings were for or where we were, or WHO we where? Everything seemed like a question mark.

Especially frightening was the fact that I could not get dad to stop driving. Cars and BUILDINGS were careening out of control, seeming to spin at us from all directions. It was horrible. If I could have figured how to open the door, I would have jumped, and gone running somewhere, I don't know where.

Anyway, dad drove to the supermarket, and by the time he got us there, I was recovering, I was OKAY, ok.




Anonymous said...

Cindy here...

OK, no jumping out of moving cars! I'm glad you couldn't get the door open! Your visual experiences are so strange, and hard not to trust what your eyes are telling you I'm sure. I promise I can't do a Spiderman act though, and buildings don't move.

Keep talking when you have these experiences, so those around you are aware of what your eyes are doing to you and can help you understand that it's just another oddity you are having to put up with. It will help us, and we might be able to help you.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the scene out of Beetlejuice when he goes out the door and ends up in the desert being chased by huge sand worms. Or maybe just the thought of going to Wal-mart is that terrifying!!! Either way, at least you recovered.
Hang in there and try to have a nice day.

Jim Cobabe said...


This was so entirely weird, certainly nothing like it before. I told the parents to be on the lookout and lock the childproof doors.

Anonymous said...

You have a brain thing. This kind of stuff happens. You just have to plan for it and be prepared for the eventuality of it. Buckle in and use the child safety locks, like you said. Be smart. Use your reason while you have it, for times when you don't. You know what to do.

Jim Cobabe said...


Thank you for the confirming counsel. Sound wisdom.

I expect it may get much worse.