Sunday, February 01, 2009

Weight Loss

I haven't said much about this yet, but it's starting to edge into the area of concern.

Looks like I lost just over 100 lbs. in the past month. At that rate, I estimate I have just a bit over two more months before I achieve negative mass and float off into space of my own volition.

In all seriousness, I have no appetite for food, I'm sure I consume a total mass of medicines greater or at least equal to all of my daily foodstuff intake, and nothing seems to appeal to me. I have a chronic nausea owing to migraine that turns my stomach at the mere sight of most food. Things that used to make my mouth drool in anticipation now send me vomiting.

Am I anorexic? I really don't understand what that means.

I thought the term referred to one who saw his body as disproportionately fat, and found the idea of eating distasteful. I like eating, it just makes me immediately sick to my stomach with any significant quantity. And not even consistently. Every once in a while, when my headache remits, I can eat a normal helping of food without feeling nauseous. So I have no consistent revulsion for food. And I have developed no binging or purging bulimic habits, though there is the distinctive problem with reflux and chronic sore throat. I am constantly feeling like I want to vomit. Sometimes, the impulse is very strong. I don't like to vomit, and I repress it with every fibre of my might. But I get many near-misses, where I contain a small amount and quickly swallow it. Thus the sore throat and reflux problem, in spite of medications that are supposed to be remedying this.


Patricia said...

Our daughter suffered moderate to severe reflux for years. Every night we expected to be awakened before 4 a.m. by her throwing up about half of her supper. If she made it past 4 a.m. then she'd be okay. But usually, she didn't.

Feeding her was hard, too. The problems we faced at feeding times ran pretty close to what you describe, except that often she did throw up. Weight loss has always been an issue with her.

My husband came home one day with
organic, whole milk, plain, creamtop yogurt containing the live, active cultures S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. acidophilus, and bifidus. He blended it into the formula we feed her.

The worst of the problem ended the day we started feeding her this new formula with yogurt in it. She only suffers occasional mild reflux now. The middle of the night panic, bed-stripping and laundry loads are over, except for every once in a while or when she's ill with flu. Yogurt remains a main ingredient in her liquid diet.

If you want to try yogurt to see if it helps with these problems, you can get the kind of yogurt we use at The Good Earth store in East Bay in Provo. When we bought it there four years ago, they carried Horizon (I think) and Brown Cow brands, plus one I can't remember right now. Stores in the City Market chain often carry these brands, too.

I eat yogurt and find it soothing to my whole digestive tract.

It might help you. It comes in non-fat varieties, but it sounds like the creamtop wouldn't hurt you any and might be a big plus.

B. Perky said...

Anorexia just means loss of appetite for whatever reason. Anorexia nervosa is the body image ailment you describe.

Good news is that marijuana is great for nausea, migraines and appetite enhancement. Would you care to smoke or get a prescription for Marinol?

B. Perky said...

Oh, yeah, ginger is great for nausea especially neurologically mediated nausea such as migraines. Ginger tea, candied ginger and strong ginger ale is great. If you can find Reed's it is the best. Some grocery stores carry it as well as health food stores, Whole Foods and places like that.

Works for nause and tastes good.

Jim Cobabe said...


I don't know if Bishop Hall would approve. I'll see the counselor from social services this week, we'll see what he recomends. I am currently taking more meds that I know what to do with, and I don't like pills, but when we ran out of other alternatives, I had to say I would simply invest faith blindly and hope the Lord would guide me to doctors withe the skills and the wisdom I need, So far, it seems to be working, far beyond my greatest expectations. But one thing at a time.

I will attempt your suggested whole ginger. Also Patricia's whole yogurt remedy, They are both easy and without risk.

Thank you both for the recomdatins.

Anonymous said...

The business about not liking your body and starving yourself to change it is called body dysmorphic disorder. You don't have that. I do, but not strong enough to make me anorexic. (Why, why, why???) Oh well.

The weight loss is still ok. You aren't anorexic yet. But if you want to climb mountains, you have to eat enough to have the energy for it. Try that for motivation.



Jim Cobabe said...


Climbing mountans is the furthest thing from my mind. I want to be able to get out of bed to make it to the toilet without falling down like a drunk. One thing at a time

I have never made it to the rop of loafer mountain and santaquin peak on snwshoes yet. doesen't look like a good goal for this year. Not sure I want to set goals for next year or that far out yet.

We'll see.

Right now, it's come what may, and love it!

Jim Cobabe said...


I solved the problem of throwing up half my supper by eating none. I'm sure it is not a permanant solution, though short term side effects have not been all bad.

At the GP doctor Friday, he commented that my dad's 8-lb weight loss over the past month might be stress related. He made no comment at all that I have lost more than 100 lbs over same time period. I guess it was not worth a remark.

Patricia said...

I solved the problem of throwing up half my supper by eating none.

Heh, of course you know you're using the phrase "solved the problem" rather loosely here.

He made no comment at all that I have lost more than 100 lbs over same time period. I guess it was not worth a remark.

Or maybe he just kept that comment to himself, as perhaps he ought to have done with the one regarding your father's weight loss.

I hope you try the yogurt, see what happens, if anything. You don't have to eat plain yogurt, of course -- we use plain to avoid the sugar that comes with flavored yogurts. Our daughter doesn't need the sugar.

B. Perky said...

I solved the problem of throwing up half my supper

Then just eat the half you don't throw up.