Saturday, February 07, 2009

Utah Places: Rochester Panel

I have featured this image in posts her before. What do the strange pictures say?

I haven't a clue.

This panel is one of the largest and most magnificent specimens of its kind that I know of. Yet, asking learned men of the meaning gains me no insight, only confusion. They alway end up blaming me for not understanding their too-technical esoterica. Perhaps I am naive. I am as sophisticated as a comic book, perhaps. And maybe, just maybe, the creator of this particular presentation had something similar on his mind when he drew it

We'll never really know, for sure, will we.

Today, I stand back and let the experts conjecture and argue. I am just bemused by the mystery. And entranced by the shades of the so-long dead men, who so painstakingly crafted these images.

Nearby there is an excellent museum, for those who enjoy cultural antropology to accompany the field work. Thre is also a nice market and other accomodations in town for those requiring such things.

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