Sunday, February 08, 2009

Utah Places: Robbers Roost

Bluejohn Canyon is a popular slot in the Roost. Just past the Horseshoe Unit of Canyonlands, Robbers Roost is an area where Butch Cassidy's gang used to hole up between robberies, among other places like the Hole in the Wall. You can easily see why law enforcement officials were reluctant to pursue bad men into the Roost country. It was not suited to the advantage of pursuers. The Bad guys could easily lose any posse that might be chasing them through this maze of canyons and winding valleys they knew so well.

I first visited the Roost with the BYU group, and have been back several times to explore the canyon mazes and to look for cowboy loot. I never found any. Just dust and sand.


Anonymous said...

Do you suppose there's any cowboy loot left? My tax return was about half what it was supposed to be. I officially hate the IRS.

Jim Cobabe said...


Nine Mile Canyon literally resounds with whispers of secret hoards. They are just pouring off some hidden shelf somewhere, from mouldering sacks of gold and silver coins. Stacked away are the hidden wealth and lost dreams far beyond your wildest aspirations. If only we knew where to search.

In the Uintas, the Rhodes Brothers allegedly traded with the iindians for old caches of Spanish gold. The Spanish Conquistadores had enslaved them and forced them to mine the gold, but they finally revolted and killed the evil taskmasters, and hid the gold in secret caches throughout the Uintas. Supposedly the Rhodes Brothers made friends with the indians and traded with them
in behalf of Brigham Young and the Church. Rhodes Canyon is clearly marked on topo maps, and is clearly dug full of holes by peple with treasure maps and notions of great wealth, but I've never heard of anone hauling away a truckload of Spanish gold yet.

I haven't a clue where to look, but I'm always hopeful to stumbule across some hidden cache of splendor and wealth. So far, all I've ever found is old discarded relics and rusty junk. My luck.

I once found some nice fossils in the area of Rhodes Canyon. You have seen most of them. Do you think they count for much in the way of riches and wealth?