Friday, February 06, 2009

Utah Places: Locomotive Rock, Range Creek

I was one of the lucky few to go here without too much boot leather. My partner and I were doing surveys for Rocky Mountain Research Station out of Ogden that summer. We got permission to drive into the old Wilcox Ranch to conduct our surveys, but did not have much of a chance to do much more than glance at artifacts and historic structures in passing. It was a thrill, nonetheless. I knew I was one of the privileged few. Very few have seen the sights of this land, even in passing. We saw lots of it, on our own two feet, including a view of the rock very much like this perspective itself.

With very little imagination, the rock bears remarkable resemblance to an old steam locomotive engine steaming across the forest of the old Wilcox Ranch.

Some interesting new Internet info on Range Creek preserve.

Nice Wikipedia entry.

A more recent photo.  It hasn't moved.

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