Thursday, February 05, 2009

Utah Places: Little Wild Horse

Ruth, this one is further away, but a lot easier to hike. Your kids will speed thru it like a nintendo game. It is an actual slot canyon that you can walk into that looks just like the picture or better, you don't have to kill yourself getting there, and it will be FUN!!!!!

Let's try it.

Wait til the weather warms up a bit. The Canyon starts down near Goblin Valley State Park

Might even want to camp out there. Goblin Valley is somewhat of a wonder in itself.

Pointers here and here.

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Anonymous said...

Let's go! Spring break is the week of April 13th, so we could go the weekend before and stay as long as we want. Darrin never takes vacation, so that would be so fun and he would even have vacation pay. The week after that, Tori will be in Washington DC, so it would be good family time before she leaves us to go off and be all grown up. (Sniff, sniff)