Friday, February 06, 2009

Utah Places: Eardly Canyon

This place is close to the I15, but hard to find, if tat makes sense. Eardly is a long canyon that parallels the freeway, but hard to find the right little dirt roads that get you right to the canyon.

Anyway, Eardly is fun mostly for some big "keeper" potholes. For those who don't know, potholes are deep pools that hold water even when the desert around has been dry and hot, even sometimes for years. The fun is plunging into that cold water from a hot dusty dry hike. It is refreshing and exhilarating. An added thrill is that some of the deeper pools won't let loose of you too ease. They are the "keepers". Sometimes it takes a rope to scale up the other side.

When I hiked Eardly Canyon, of course I went solo, so I skirted around all the deeper features and just admired the water from afar. I was not brave or fool enough to try any "keepers" by myself, though I am sure it could be done easily. (Ruth, this may be one you might want to take a short hike for a picnic up to the first rope-down. Follow the GPS directions carefully if you decide to try and find it.)

("Keepers" are safe if you have a good plan for getting out BEFORE you jump in. Word of caution to the wise. Let the fools learn by their own mistake. May not get two cances.)


Anonymous said...

Darrin's grandpa insisted that he always have ropes in the trunk. We never go anywhere without a rope. We've never yet had any use for one, so it would be nice to go somewhere we actually needed one for once! LOL

Jim Cobabe said...


Don't try any climbing without experienced help! Promise me you won't try. There's lot's of peple who will be glad to take you out to a "keeper" for a trial run.

I did most of the slot canyon hiking in the winter, when the pothles were stiff, or else I hiked the long way round the rim, which can have it's own hazards. In any case I was taking the risk by myself, not putting others at risk. Alway be safe!

Anonymous said...

Safety first! Got it. With the kids, we'll probably skip the really hard ones for now.