Saturday, February 07, 2009

Utah Places: Dry Fork near Vernal

Ruth, what more can I say? I think you guys have even been to this place before. You know what I think. The rock art is different here, but it give me similar reason to consider: What were the people like that created the pictures? What were they thinking? Why did God allow them to leave traces like this, then be swept from the face of the earth? I wonder if we'll ever know the story. There must be much to tell, so very much to hear.

This larger-than-life figure, on the nearby McConkie ranch, is part of the so-called "Three Kings" panel. Who knows what the artist intended? All we can do is look, and wonder.

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Anonymous said...

This stuff makes me wonder when it was created, and how the people who speculate about the timeline actually know.

And then it makes me wonder about Hugh Nibley's speculations about Pre-Adamic man and whether I think that might just be a load of hooey or not.

Hmmm . . .