Saturday, February 07, 2009

Utah Places: Calf Creek

I said I'm not excluding good places just because they're easy. Grand Staircase has attracted lots of new tourists looking for places to go, and this is one of them. They flock to the spectacular Lower Calf Creek Falls, which is only a short walk from the camp. Forget about ever camping there, BTW. Foreign tourists have it booked 100 years in advance. There are much better places nearby anyway. But for a bit longer hike, go to even better Upper Calf Creek Falls. Be sure to bring shorts you can wear for swimming, take a cruise around the pool and dip your head under the falls when you get there. Worth the trip.

The canyon flocks with wildlife, especially in the early morning and evenings just after sundown. Better when not so many people, my personal preference. I can see lots of people at Walmart.

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Anonymous said...

I get it. You don't consider people as part of the natural fauna. Ok for you. LOL