Saturday, February 07, 2009

Utah Places: Buckhorn Wash

I don't think you can drive through the northern Swell without seeing the Buckhorn Wash Panels. They are works of awe and inspiration and mystery for us to marvel at.

I cannot fathom their meaning.

I only want to stand in wonder and consider the people who made these. What were they like? What were they thinking? Did they know I would be looking at their pictures? Would they enjoy or would they mind?

I have wondered so many countless questions that cannot be answered. Only my daydreams and musings now, and shades of the people who died so many ages ago in this dry desert land.

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Anonymous said...

It truly is interesting to wonder what they were thinking when they did this stuff. Did they have any clue that it would last this long and that we would see it? Did that even enter into their thoughts? Who did it? Was it some rite of passage, or was it graffiti?

In Israel, there's a cave found in fairly recent years, and it has pictographs of stuff that appears to tell part of Lehi's story. Interesting stuff.