Friday, February 06, 2009

Utah Places: Black Dragon

Black Dragon is very close to I70, but is amazingly and perplexedly difficult to locate. Perhaps purposefully so. Vandals are so attracted to these kinds of artefacts, even though we little understand their worth, or even their meaning.

I have ben to this site several times, contemplating the pictures. I don't know what they mean. But I feel some significance anyway, something valuable and precious, that bridges the gap between ancient and current somehow. And I put my hand up near the rock where my brother so long ago took thought to place this mystery.

The Past is worth preserving, because it give us something to consider today.

Why did this people love each other? What made them happy and sad? Why did their culture succeed or fall compared to mine?

I ask the imponderable, not for answers, but for the thought they give, and the blessing to my life today from the ancient cultures who speak from long dead.

May they rest in peace. Perhaps only the desert Rooks know. They eat the tough old bones and sinews. And tell us nothing.


Patricia said...

Whoa, Jim! I can't keep up with you today! These are really cool posts (cool to me, I love stuff like this!).

My husband and I went to Black Dragon Canyon when I was about 5 mo. pregnant with my son, almost 20 years ago. At that time, we found the dragon looking distinctly red. I remember being tired and uncomfortable, but the sand beneath the panel was very fine and soft and cradled me gently when I crawled into our tent to take a nap.

I think of Black Dragon Canyon as the place where the sand was kind to me.

Anonymous said...

I know this one. This particular pictograph is something I go through every single day. This is a guy walking his dog, and he's standing there waiting, waiting, waiting for his dog to do his business. At the precise moment captured by this pictograph, the dog has seen a neighborhood cat and is about to run off, chasing after the cat.

Jim Cobabe said...


This guy probably ate his dogs for dinner. If you could comprehend that, you mit understand the Black Dragon pctograph. In the mean time, it is a beautful canyon to travel and have a picnic. Your kids woud love to run wild tru the ccedars.