Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Utah Places: Birdseye Marble Quarry

Birdseye Marble is a sort of misnomer. I think the mineral is not calcium-carbonate based like the limestone that real marble is formed from. But the Birdseye is beautiful stone, and at one time, the quarry was worked in great abundance.

In the area, there is a marker erected to commemorate the site the was put up by the DUP. It stands in front of the old Birdseye Chapel.

On the monument are some nice samples of the unfinished stone such as were taken from the quarry.

Further information about the site can be found here.

BTW, I have found many other deposits of Birdseye Marble at various locations throughout the area, so always keep your eyes open!

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Ben Gage said...

this looks like great stone, would love to carve some of it....