Sunday, February 01, 2009


Just studying the illustration is enough to knock your eyes off kilter.

I have been seeing a bit cross-eyed since I went through the neurosurgery.

The second illustration seems to characterize the misalignment. I am not sure what is causing it, but it irritates me enough that I put a patch over the left eye of my reading glasses for close-up computer work. I don't know if that was altogether a wise move on my part, but it enables me to work for longer periods in some comfort, particularly without losing my stomach contents in an abrupt ralph manuver at the porcelain fixture that I try to avoid.

One more irritating problem that may or may not correct itself.


Anonymous said...

Its something with the 5th, 6th or 7th cranial nerve. I can't remember which. Welcome to my world. Its bliss, isn't it???

You'll get an answer to this one on the 19th. It may resolve on its own. Or maybe not. LOLOLOL

What fun, eh?

Sorry for the sadism. I'm involuntarily high right now. High trumps the pain today.

Jim Cobabe said...


So do migraine doctors also do regular eye stuff? Isn't that encroachment or poaching or something?

Anonymous said...


No, remember, first you're going to see the neuro-opthalmology people. They do brain-eye stuff. They'll love stuff like how you see 7 of things sometimes. Then after they get their chance to check you out (and I happen to know they're all rubbing their grubby little hands in anticipation), then they'll send you to the headache side. They kind of work in tandem. There's so much that's connected, between the optic nerves and headache. They really do work together alot. So you get a work-up by both, and it will all be very thorough, I assure you. You'll have ultrasound of your eyeballs, pictures of your optic nerves, visual field studies (which will map where your blind spots and scotomas are) studies to see why your eyes are going crossed, a whole battery of tests you never even knew existed. When you leave there you'll feel like you've been through a pasta maker - you choose the pasta shape. But you'll also know that they're doing something to try to figure things out.

Then you'll go on to the next doctor!

You think its funny about the poaching? You'll feel poached by the time you're done!!! LOL