Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sensory Inventory IX

I am still mapping progression of neural deficits as they continue their inexorable march.

My comment about sensory loss were premature with regard to my hands yesterday, but you can forgive me for being somewhat precipitous in making such a judgement, perhaps. It is a peculiar sensation, or lack thereof, to grow accustomed to.

I realized today that my palms still seem to register about the same degree of sensitivity as ever. It is the fingers themselves, particularly my fingertips, where I notice a diminishing sense of touch. It is becoming less sensate every day. I am very much concerned about lack of temperature sense, and spoke to my pshrink Rhonda about these concerns yesterday. She suggested using thermometers, and that seems like a practical temporary solution, so I will try to find something to use that is appropriate for the application.

Thank you, Rhonda!

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