Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Miracles IX: Interacte

I apologize to those following, but I need adequate preparation to chronicle the next series of events, that truly were a series of inexplicable miracles.

I will do my best.

Next instalment:  Unfolding


Patricia said...

I know you'll do your best, Jim.

I, for one, await the next installment of your wondrous and thrilling story with all patience.

Like I said, it fills in blanks for me. Because I was around in the way I was for so much of it, I kind of think of it as my story, too.

Hope you don't mind if I share your story with you.

Mary Cook said...

I'm with Patricia. I'm waiting to hear the next installment from your perspective, because I've tried to keep up with parts of it through others. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Jim Cobabe said...


I hope you don't mind that I am taking so long. I am having problems and other things happen along the way. And it is important to me to tell it right, so I am taking my time. Please hang with me.