Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Migraine Weirdness II

I am seeing the most striking display of visual aura. I wish I could illustrate effectively, will continue searching.

The effect is as if a field of light is coming from far back into the foreground, moving fast. As they approach, they fill the field and spread wider. Some pass outside the visual field. Star-wars like warp speed kind of thing. Then they disappear.


Neurologists call these lights phosphines.

I am also seeing many individual particles with persistent trails that trace random seeming across the field in about 10 seconds or so. They appear luminous green or red and trace with a corpuscular-looking head that wanders across the visual field. One individual can cross, or several appear at random points and describe interesting patterns around the field. The tail luminescences for several seconds then fades.

It is my own private show, with spectacular special effects.

What does it mean? I don't know.


Anonymous said...

I'm still leaving a window of possibility for pseudotumor cerebri. Peculiar visual manifestations are a common thing. Typically, one would find a normal MRI, which they did on you this time around.

Your lumbar puncture was unimpressive to me, because they gave you so blasted much valium, you passed out cold, and were just a lump on the table. You were supposed to be in a very particular position to get the appropriate pressure reading. Sorry to say so. That neurologist in the ER was a dough head. I'm still amazed I got her to admit you. I would recommend another LP, under fluoroscope, to get an accurate reading. We'll see what Dr. Digre says. Also, she'll do a very thorough exam of your eyes and optic nerves, to see what may be happening there. You may get some answers on the day of your visit, which would be cool.

The main thing that sent me to the doctor, and ended in my finally being diagnosed with PTC was my visual obfuscations. I never really knew how to describe them accurately. I mostly referred to them as neon blue and green blobs of shadow and light. I know that doesn't make sense, but what in neurology does???

Patricia said...

Could some of this be from meds?

Stephen Beecroft said...

Jim, my thoughts and prayers are with you. May God speed your progress, in whatever way and to whatever end He sees fit.

Patricia said...

Hey Jim, I hope that you're quiet because you're busy and not because you're feeling poorly.

If you're having a difficult time of it today, then best wishes for better days, or even better hours, if that's what you can get.

In our household, we sometimes have to measure better times in increments of hours. We've had an uncharacteristically clear winter this year and extra time for acting on hopes and intentions. It's been nice.

I hope the sky clears for you.

Jim Cobabe said...


You're a lot braver tahn me. All that stuf scares me. The onle thing I remeber amout LP is that it hurt.

Jim Cobabe said...


I don't know whats from meds amd whats from wat. Thas one frighfol thig.

Anonymous said...

Take heart, Jim. If they do want another LP, they WILL do it under fluoroscope, and will not be idiotic like that ER doc. I will see to that. And of course, I will be there to hold your hand.

I'm not saying that they will do another one. I don't make those decisions. I'm just saying the one they did wasn't accurate as to opening pressure, which was the main reason we wanted it done to begin with.

Doctors can be really dumb sometimes. But don't worry. I won't let them beat you up. I can take 'em!!!

Patricia said...

Jim, how are you doing today (Feb. 5)?

Anonymous said...

Cindy again. Funny how you can live with someone, and never find time to talk and figure out some problems...at some point I'm sure Carl will and I will not be anonymous!

I liked your description and more especially your reaction of "cool"! Some people pay tons of money to see light shows like you are getting, glad you can enjoy at least some of it.

I sometimes have blackish "dust motes" that float by, or a random circle--like a string that is loose and wiggly--yours sound more beautiful! But I don't think I'm jealous...

Keep working, and being positive. I know when I can do those two things my life is better.

Love you

Jim Cobabe said...


Reaaly, honestly okay. Things could be beter, but loking up. Lords help is geting me by. I stil am forgeting mor things evry day, but so many peple to help me. My cusen Gary and wife Charlen wer here yester noon for a good visit. It was very sweet. Gary and wife life in Sandy City with trer son, and do temple work twice weeok at Jorden Rever Templ. I well go weth them wand Ruth and Darrin and my sons wen we can go. I am so excited. Charlen said handcp peple sont need to even stand to change robes.I am not certain of recmend status, but, we can go sooner ten I touht.

Jim Cobabe said...




I am haveng a hard tyme tipng tody for some r[son. Sooorrry.

"Floaters" are inclusions in aquos humour off eyebll. Evetyone has them, but more evedent wen we grow older. diffrent. than migraine stuff.

Migraine weirness shows when I shut my elid or in th dard eveen.

I wish I could find paraboloid arc like the red comet swarm. Fasinaten.

Patricia said...

Wonderful, Jim, about the pending temple trip. I can see how much it means to you. I will send every hope and prayer that preparations will dovetail for you.

I went out to the cliff for you this a.m., am just now back. Part way through my prayer, ghost drums started up down canyon. Do you know what ghost drums are? I hear them out in the desert, but never anywhere as often as I hear them in this canyon.

Then, at the end, as I turned home, a pair of canyon wrens lighted on a ledge just below. They are such beautiful, animated little creatures, packed with that wonderful song.

Best wishes Jim. Maybe I can find another singing card for you. I'll look today.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Cindy -

I was going to say, the clear stuff is what Jim was saying. The dark stuff is detached vitrious. Nothing to be concerned about. Just floaters. If you mentioned it to an optometrist or opthalmologist they would tell you no worries.


Jim Cobabe said...


Please tell mor abot gohst drums in crossfire canyon. Thsnks.