Sunday, February 01, 2009

Instead of Banana Bread III

I had a bit of inspiration this morning on this issue.

As I lay mulling the subject over (not getting much sleep) I am reminded of the scriptures.

Not exactly appropriate, maybe, but I think, close enough, in this case.

As these passages of scripture indicate, the gospel requires not just good deeds, but pure motives: not just clean hands, but pure hearts. In a little different vein, and yet still illustrating the higher requirements of the gospel, the Lord continued with instructions such as the following in paraphrase:

Do not your almsgiving to be seen of men, but do it in secret. (See Matt. 6:1–4; 3 Ne. 13:1–4.)

Do not make a public spectacle of yourself in your prayers, as the hypocrites do, but pray in secret. (See Matt. 6:5–15; 3 Ne. 13:5–15.)
I'm sorry, my banana-bread baking friends, but you are missing the point. If you are baking a loaf of bread to get your photo in the paper, you have your reward already.

I am working for something else altogether different, and I don't think you understand that. But I think bishop Buttars is pretty close. I hope my sons can see the difference.

I think they will, without too much coaching.

I think they will.

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Anonymous said...

And what do I get for the banana bread I made you last night??? LOL

I know. I got to eat some. It was yummy. ;)