Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Come what may, and LOVE it

As you can see, I am serious about protecting my self and family. It is only a pellet gun, and not even loaded, but I feel safer.

Though this is hardly an original theme, ( see here) it is an all together worthy one. There are many forces I am struggling with now, including cold, pain, fear, loneliness, and rats. I am dealing with all in my own way, and every day brings moments of bright rays of sunshine.

I discovered this delightful simple instrument again. I had forgotten it. It derives motive power from the magic illumination of the sun's rays. (For a more technical discussion, including historical background, see here. Some, like me, are fascinated by these esoterica. I know others are just bored.) When the sunshine strikes it, the vanes begin to rotate. It is an indicator or the sun's illuminating and warming power, even on the coldest of days. It is magical.


Anonymous said...

I was just reading this conference talk this morning.

Then I spent two frustrating hours falling off the Wii Fit. I am not fit. I have no sense of balance. I would shout "HA!!!" every time I beat the score of my 8 or 11 year old kids. Some mom I am!

Careful with that gun. You'll shoot your eye out!

Jim Cobabe said...


This is only a hazard presumably with the Daisy Red Ryder. I suppose I am more at risk of blindness from having my mouth washed out, though I don't recall that that particular operation was ever performed with Lifebuoy. In any case, it certainly would appear that the dormant period for such disease conditions had long since expired, and their symptoms would have been manifest in members of our family long since. We might be crazy, but we're not movie stars.

Steven Montgomery said...

Jim, I wish you all the best. You may not remember me but I consider you a friend. I'm on the ZION email list. Thanks for your friendship over the years.

Anonymous said...

Cindy really...

Carl would get the science better than I, but I am very glad that however it works YOU are moving and loving it. Seems like a very important part of recovery, to me. Whatever needs to be recovered, whenever change needs to happen. Move forward, and enjoy the movement.

Love you

Jim Cobabe said...


The radiometer turns BACKWRDS from the way Crookes expeced. He invented the device. Aned evn he could not explain why it worked, it tok many yers for scintists to argu and ther is still not perfect acgreement about why the thing works as it does. Point is, IT WORKS, AND IT IS MAGICAL! Even a brillliant scientist can seee that very plainlyy.

Jim Cobabe said...


I would shout "HA!!!" every time I beat the score of my 8 or 11 year old kids.

I had similar eprince at rehab, and felt sroory for me. Thn I sow man with no legs.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm secretly very pleased with myself to beat my kids score, but try to be humble when they act disappointed. Then the next time I'm on, I try to beat it again. It doesn't matter if I have to stay on the blasted thing for 2 hours.

Man, that much time on the Wii Fit makes me sore. I thought it was supposed to be a game!!! I'm a whimp!