Monday, February 02, 2009

Strabismus questions


I thought you could ask Dr. Warner and friends because this is a puzzler for me.

The consensus of neurology staff ala Dr. Brin was "don't worry about seeing double. It will probably go away in a few days." It hasn't.

When should I get worried?

I feel like there must be a little adjustment screw I don't know about for my left eye. Just a tiny tweak is all it would take to move it back into agreement with the dominant right eye.

Right now, everything I see is double. When I look casually, it isn't bad, but focusing makes me feel sick. Partly the problem with loss of appetite...


Anonymous said...

I'll email her. This is what I was referring to when I mentioned the 5th, 6th or 7th cranial nerve. I just can't remember which nerve it is! This annoys me a whole bunch. Anyway, its a problem with one of these nerves. They will check you out in clinic. Please start making a list of questions and concerns, ok? You can take this to your visit.

What concerns me is when you see seven of something. That's not a nerve thing. I'll email her about that, too. They'll be very interested in you, and they'll spend lots of time, I can assure you. This isn't like the hospital.

I'll post her response.

I love you.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Jim -

Here's the email I sent:

Hello again -

Jim asked me to write you and ask you a question he is most anxious about. He is having quite a time with strabismus, to the point where he has bandaged up one lens of his glasses so he can't see out of that eye. He is extremely nauseated from this drifting vision in his left eye, and rarely eats at all. In the last few months he has lost over 100 pounds (which would be wonderful, if it weren't so drastic and sudden). More alarmingly, Jim sometimes sees seven or more of something in front of him, and will pause to count how many there are. This one concerns me, as it doesn't seem like a simple malfunction of one of his cranial nerves.

I promised him I would write to ask your opinion. He has an appointment to see Dr. Digre on the 19th, and is very anxious to get to that meeting. His background headache has returned to a constant roar, averaging at around 5-6/10, and often peaking at 10/10. He takes Lortab for it, which puts him to sleep, and he tries to sleep through the worst of it.

Jim's symptoms seem to be worsening, in general. He worries that soon he will need to go into a care center, as his condition may shortly become too needy for our elderly parents to handle. We both have great hopes for your ability to help with his degenerating condition.

I look forward to seeing you on the 19th, as I will also accompany Jim to his appointment.

Many thanks -

Ruth Brandt

Anonymous said...

Wow! Dr. Warner is fast these days! Here's what she said:

The drifting eye will need to be addressed at Dr. Digre's appointment.
The multiple images as well, but as you say are less likely to be
cranial nerve, and more likely to be medication related.
Judith Warner

Jim Cobabe said...


Thanks, and thank you to Dr, Warner

Do think any harm from the sinister eye pattch thing? I just cant stand wthout it!

Anonymous said...

No harm. Just do what's most comfortable for now. Get by the best you can, and ask your questions when you see Dr. Digre. She's so good, have your questions ready!



Anonymous said...

Hey -

Here's an interesting link to info about Dr. Digre, in case you're interested:

It includes journal articles she's written that you might enjoy.