Saturday, January 03, 2009

Stroke III

More stroke damage.

Hard to speak.

Not walking good.


Don't really know what to do now. Mostly stay in bed. Will update when feeling better.


pgk said...

I'll be here, waiting, praying and hoping for the best possible outcome.

So sorry, Jim.

Blessings for your courage.

Anonymous said...

Hola, amigo.

Stay in bed. We're coming for a visit tomorrow. Get up then, ok? Because we're coming to see you, specifically.

I've been wanting to talk to you about all this business in the Gaza Strip. Get reading so we can converse on the subject, will ya??? I'm very concerned about our Palestinian brethren who are being blown to bits.

Also, I have a very engaging book that I picked up at the dollar store, which I will be willing to LOAN you. It is truly a treasure, regarding life in the South, and since I am planning to move to the South sometime in the next year, I'll want it back. Really I should stick around and read it to you, because I do a pretty good Southern accent, and it makes the whole thing more funny.

Stop getting worse! I demand that you begin to get better at once!!! I'm counting on you!

Mary Cook said...

Oh, Jim, we are praying for you.

Love, Mary

Jim Cobabe said...

I keep typing the wrong key
Will be better soon. layig arond so much is boring

thank you all forr notes and your prayers.