Monday, January 26, 2009

Shark Attacks

Just a quick note for my friends.

There are still some sharks in the water, I fear. I do not know or care if these attacks are caused by something I am doing to myself purposefully or not. I can only say it can be so painful in intensity that I cannot bear it, and I scream from the agony. Usually attacks of this intensity are very short, or they seem so to me. In any case, I pass out very quickly after the pain really winds up, so I'm not sure what happens after the screaming phase. Ruth's characterization seem fairly consistent.

I have been with my dad most of the time today. He reports only two shark attacks, one that was moderate and one pretty severe. I hope with every wish that they go away forever.

I have several broken teeth broken along the right lower molars now. They have sharp edges that cut my tongue and the side of my mouth when I am not careful. I am seeing a dentist this week, but am reluctant to get any repairs before I am sure the sharks will not return. Maybe will just ask for some sort of protective mouth gear.


Anonymous said...


Remember that Mythbusters episode where they proved that you can scare sharks away if you punch them in the nose?

Try that.

All I can do is wait for Dr. Warner. I'll call the minute I hear from her.

I love you. Hang on. Tread water.

Anonymous said...

Jim -

The best news- just when I was about to shut the computer down for the night I decided to check my email. I found two crucial emails in my inbox - both for you.

This one from Dr. Warner to her colleagues and me:

Dear all,
This is from a patient of mine with IIH. Her brother has been having trouble, as you can see. His MRN is 18362384. Evidently he had a schwannoma removed from his lumbar spine. Ironically given his sister's condition, perhaps he has had bouts of intracranial hypertension as well. Since this is a question, it might be best to see him initially in neuro-ophth to excluded papilledema, if he has not had a dilated exam. If he has, then perhaps Headache? Ruth, I think you said he had had an eye exam?

And the second email back to everyone, from Dr. Digre, regarding you:

Happy to see him
Agree, we should see him in Neuro-ophth first

Call me early. I'm scheduling you an appointment ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah -

And don't forget to remember how much the Lord loves you.

Mountains are moving for you.

Jim Cobabe said...


The sharks are not real, fortunatly. And in any case, It seems to me like I am not there long enough to do anything. When the pain in my head starts going off the scale, I just zone out. Maybe that's the coward's way of coping. I don't know. But I don't seem to remember anything about what happens about what happens after the noise hits the jet engine takeoff level. That is a bad analogy, but best I can think of. The cresendo is very ffast. Overwhelming.

I'm fearing and tremble that doctors will do something to disapoint. Let's hope.

Jim Cobabe said...


I am reading your latest and I am in in such relief.

Thanks to you, for all you have done.

Jim Cobabe said...


BTW, we are waiting for update from Bishop Hall on counseling referal. I spoke to Br. Furiman about the request on Sunday nigt. He took the message to pass, and said he thought it was a routine request that the Bishop would reply to very quickly with no burueacratic red-tape complications, and my insurance will pay for it.

Kinda good to know that all this stuff is gonna get paid for now. I have been holding my breath in anticpation of medicaid benefits, they really seem to be some kind of fits. I have racked up some pretty impressive hospital bills in the past six months. As if there wern't enough to streess about,

Anonymous said...

Funny about the hospital bills. Now you just don't have to worry. Mom was saying how she would keep track of everything. My response - "Nope. Just give them the medicaid number and forget about it. Toss the bill in the trash." She kept wanting to worry about it. I kept telling her to forget about it. Finally she said "I can just do that?", in total disbelief. I said "Yup. Just forget it." She kind of giggled.

Small favors. Take them as they come.

Be grateful to liberals for things like this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, well - I should say that for your part you might have to pay $200 for each hospital stay.

Not bad when your hospital bills are probably up around a million bucks or more by now.

So smile with those broken teeth of yours!