Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sensory Inventory V

Today the usual complement of weird numb lack of feeling persists and continues sto spread across new frontiers. I noticed Yesterday that I seemed to be wearing a hat all the time I was at the doctor's office. I have explored this new mapping now with a fork (not too hard, I don't draw blood with my proddings!) and have discovered that the scalp of my head is joining the repertoire of absent sensory areas. It is a strange sensation, especially when my hair is rippling in a chill breeze, because I can still feel some thing of that movement, sort of. Well, no not really the same. But I can detect some motion of my hair in the wind. And I can still sense my hair in disarray, some what, but the sensation is definitely different, diminished, sensed in a deeper skin layer less sensitive or more insular. I can't describe the difference to any satisfaction. Only to say it has changed since yesterday in some subtle way.


Patricia said...

Interesting. I wish it wasn't happening to you, but your sharing this information teaches me.

I'm different for having read this.

Anonymous said...

My dear brother -

I know you've decided to try wearing a hat constantly now, so the feeling of wearing a hat will be consistent with actually wearing one. See how clever you are. I vow to bring you a new and creative hat each time I come to see you from now on.

Mostly, though, I wanted to write you a brief note to tell you how very much I love you. I so much enjoyed our visit tonight. It was our best yet. The information you shared with me was so precious, a treasure I will always cherish. You gave me an answer to something I have been praying for for years now, and have brought peace to my heart. You cannot know how that feels to me. What a blessing you have both received and given.

When do you think we can go to the temple together? Our temple recommends are expired, so we need to get in for interviews to have them renewed, but can do that right away. Darrin doesn't work on Fridays, so that's always convenient for us, but we can go in the evenings on Thursdays, or a bit later on Saturdays as well. We can work around your appointment schedules. Darrin works late every Tuesday and Wednesday, so those days are out. He would want to be there to help you out with anything you need.

You know, Darrin loves you very much. I hope you don't mind that I left you with him this afternoon. I don't think he meant to actually have a "therapy" session with you! LOL It just kind of comes naturally to him now, and he worries so much about you. He thinks about you all the time, and has had so many questions on his mind. I think he just was excited to talk to you. He's been reading your blog and we've been talking so much about you.

We both love you so much, and are looking forward to many more years of your company. You have plenty of time before your escort will be ready to come and get you, you know.



Jim Cobabe said...


I am trying to follow the rapid changes of a rather volatile situation. Not sure all changes are permanent. Some things may be drug-induced. Particularly memory changes and sonsory loss.Keep track of these thinks as they happen.

Pequliar. I forgot my mom and dads names, but only from the front. I could still remembr-er them some circuitous methodts.

My dads name was on the brothers list on the pencil. Dad, Lewis, Dean, Bill, Dave, Leroy, John.

Of coure, my dad is Bill Cobabe!

My parent are Bill and Mary. How Simple and elementry!

Come What May, And Love IT!

Jim Cobabe said...


I felt what we talked of was not suitable for the internet. Please respect my sensibility and avoid discussion of this topic unless we are together and can have prayer. It is too sacred for open discussion, and we should probably save it for only within the temple itself. I just thought you needed to know how our recent experience complemented your own so rightly. Thanks for understanding.

Patricia said...

Not sure all changes are permanent. Some things may be drug-induced. Particularly memory changes and sonsory loss.

I don't know about sensory loss, but memory loss might also occur as a side effect of weariness or exhaustion. At least, it does for me. Next time I'm exhausted (it'll happen again sooner or later), I'll watch to see if along with loss of reflex response time, memory function, and a host of other abilities I experience sensory loss as well.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Anonymous said...

Jim -

The nature of what was shared was well understood and will be respected. My comment was simply intended to tell you how much it was appreciated.

That was why I was asking when you would like to go to the temple.



Grandma Cobabe said...

Patricia,I am reading a book--our little book club choice maybe for next month--- I thot of you when I started reading it.
It is a novel called " THE MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER "By Kim Edwards. Maybe you have already read it.It is very interesting. Mary Cobabe