Sunday, January 25, 2009

Home again, thank God

My heart is so full, I am as happy as can be with life right now. I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death, and been given a reprieve to set affairs in my life in order before I report to to master of heaven and earth. I know now that my time is short. I will try to elaborate in future posts. I must also tell of miraculous events that have given great new meaning to my continuing existence, purpose for prolonging my days. I am truly anxious -- nay, fearful in anticipation that I might get it wrong again. I think the time is far spent. I am In fear and trembling. There is some great task that I am left to do - - I don't know what it is, but much sense of urgency, like I never had In my life.

More to come. Sorry for long absent.


Mary Cook said...

Jim, I'm so, so glad to "hear" your voice again. I'm learning from you every day! Hang in there.

Love, Mary

pgk said...

Oh Jim,

I feel so many things reading your posts.

One of the strongest feelings I can identify is gratitude, gratitude to you for helping me learn how to be a better person. Thanks for your patience with me as we've talked over the past several months.

I've never known anybody in a situation like yours. I've gained in understanding as you, and lately Ruth, have explained your struggles. It's a wonder knowing you. I feel very blessed to know you.

I'm so very happy for the important family reunions you've had of late. Congratulations on the grandkids. Are they cute?

I hope you're getting enough rest. You've been through a lot.

Also, I sent you a card. I hope you got it!

pgk said...

I should add that while I hope you're getting good rest and care, I'm looking forward to your stories.

Jim Cobabe said...


Thaks as ever for your comments,and for that wonderful card. I didn't know cards could sing a song to me -- and it was such an appropriate refrain. I have enjoyed our exchanges, and am hopeful that we can continue the fun for a while.

Thanks again for being such a kind friend.

Jim Cobabe said...


I have exciting news to share about progress I made with the speech patholigist in rehab therapy. It deserves a whole post, so watch for more to come. It is great news, along with so many other happy developments. So many things I must write about.

More to come.


J. Max Wilson said...

Welcome back, Jim!