Sunday, January 04, 2009


Near as cold as it ever gets in these parts. Temp read -15 F this morning.

I've always wondered why my nose has all those little hairs. They tend to freeze up and stick together when the air is so cold. That how I can tell it is real cold. Otherwise just make a job harder for the Kleenex.

Poor design feature, I think. ;-)


pgk said...

Hi Jim,

I'm very happy to see you out and about (in an Internet way) and to hear your nose hairs make good thermometers.

Water is dripping off the roof here, so I'm guessing we're quite a bit warmer than you are. I haven't been out for a while because my knee has flaked out on me again. I'm waiting for it to heal.

In spite of my learning to love winter all over again, I'm looking forward to spring, which arrives here in February. The prairie dogs come out of their burrows around Valentine's Day.

Take the time to heal up well, keep in touch. I always look foward to your posts.

You have my highest regard, Jim. I like you a lot.

Jim Cobabe said...


These are tenporary setback. Where there is still life, hope abides.

Today I am glad to be alive. Every thing else is extra.

pgk said...

These are tenporary setback.

Knowing you, I'm certain you're right.

Where there is still life, hope abides.

My hope abides with yours.

If I manage to walk out tomorrow, would you like a report?

pgk said...

Let me add, I'm glad you're alive, too.

greenfrog said...

I use nose hairs as a thermometer. I'm really seldom interested in whether it's 26 degrees F. or it's 23 degrees F., but I like knowing when water freezes (obvious with the snow), and when it's too dang cold to hang around outside much. The latter point, for me, is exactly the same temperature at which my nose hairs freeze together.

pgk said...

Hi Jim,

I hope you're doing okay. I woke up thinking about you and came straight here.

I'm sending you my very best wishes and my strongest hope, my deepest prayers.

pgk said...

Jim, been lookin' for you.

I finally connected with your mom today. She is a fountain of information. It was good to find out what's going on, plus a little extra. Aren't moms great?

They better be treating you right up at the U of U Hospital.

But it does sound like you're finally getting some real help. Thank heaven for that.

You keep that hope of yours lit.

I'll stay in touch.

pgk said...

Good morning, Jim.

It's a beautiful day here in SJC. The snow is rock hard, so I can't go walking through it, but I think I'll take a couple turns up and down the road today.

The full moon, the Wolf Moon, arrives Jan. 10 at 10:27 pm. Around here, it's more like the Coyote Moon.

Sending good thoughts your way. Hang in there, be good.

pgk said...

Morning, Jim!

Yesterday, I managed to get out. Temps are up so the snow was softening, only a little slippery, no shin-banging, knee-wrenching crust.

One thing I have discovered this winter: If you walk south when with the sun sits at an angle to you in the east, this colorful spangle of confetti--blue, green, yellow, pinkish-red, yellow, even occasionally purple--sparkles in your path. Enchanting!

I hope you're managing all right. I think about you throughout the day, wondering how it's going, thinking about who you are.

Again, prayers, good thoughts, and wishes today, along with other acts of reflection and interest.


pgk said...

Looks like it's time for me to call again.

I'll do so, today or tomorrow.