Tuesday, December 23, 2008

White Christmas!

Lots of new snow falling in this locale.

Mammoth-Cottonwood is the nearest official measuring station, near the top of Fairview Canyon. It reflects about how much snow is on the ground now at Snail Hollow, although I believe our drifted accumulation is a bit more.

I have had plenty of work clearing off driveways and walkways. The new ATV mounted plow has had a pretty good trial, and passed with flying colors.

I can manage most of the functions of operating the ATV pretty well. I have trouble with the transmission shifter at times, but can manhandle it with both hands, when needed. Sometimes the plow blade is difficult to swivel, but I have managed to minimize that operation, after encountering some bit of trouble with it. All in all, a very satisfying operation that went quite smoothly. I was even able to help extricate a stuck vehicle, after some bit of work.

Let it snow!


pgk said...

It's a blast to see you having a good time.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, big brother!

I'm so happy to see you happy and envigorated! Soon you'll be out in your snowshoes, tramping around. Remember the year you saw the albino elk? What a wonder that was!

We'll see you tomorrow. Have the house all warm and cozy for us, ok? We'll be there around 3:00, probably. We can do more scanning if you want, or just hang out and enjoy hanging out.

I love you.