Thursday, December 18, 2008

Migraine weirdness

I have been having a weird migraine day

All day, feeling strange. Bright colored spots dart across my field of vision, then quickly disappear. Tonight most of my vision is obscured by a blind spot, but am typing around the edges.

It is outlined with sparkling colors rotating in a wheel, sorta like the picture above. It is blocking off most of my central field of vision, but I can still see around the sides of it.

I don't seem to have a headache with this 'aura' anymore, but my stomach feels queasy, and I feel very uneasy. I don't like noise or lights. Best thing has been to go to sleep, if I can. It usually passes while I am asleep.


B. Perky said...

Welcome to the club, most of my migraines are headache free and yes, it is weird.

Jim Cobabe said...


How often do you have these strange things? (The blind spot is gone now, btw.)

pgk said...

I'm very glad you feel better today.

Anonymous said...

This looks and sounds like PTC - Blobs of light and darkness, kind of in relief. They blind you where they sit, but you can see where they aren't - visual obfuscations, as it were. They are almost scotoma, but they go away.

One time I had this so bad. There was some dumb insurance salesman who came over and the entire time he was there I was trying to look at him and appear interested, but all the while I was terrified because I couldn't see his face. I just faked the interest, because he was very nice. As we stood on the front porch waving goodbye, I turned to Darrin and said, "Um, I don't want to alarm you, but I can't see you." This problem had been growing over a matter of weeks and had escalated to the point of near total blindness.

And you aren't having migraines anymore, remember???

PLEASE go see Dr. Warner.

Jim Cobabe said...


I am reserving Dr. Warner as another option. I do think she might help me. I have not given up hope of that, just tempering my enthusiasm. You know I am ever the skeptic.

I am not worried about new migraine manifestations. I've been seeing such weirdness all of my life -- It doesn't scare me any more. Just another migraine.

At least no headache. I can't deal with those any more.

B. Perky said...

Not much anymore without a definite trigger. I went on a beta blocker years ago for another issue and it also serves to prevent my migraines. Flashes of light are a trigger for me such as headlights at night, camera flashes and strobes. Lucky me, the fire alarm at work has stobes now which go off with some regularity. I usually hide in the supply room until it's over. Extreme fatigue/sleep deprivation and eating too many salty foods trigger me too. My aura usually includes a sensation that my body has ben gone over with fine grit sandpaper. What fun.

Anonymous said...

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pgk said...

Guess what, Jim. I've got the shimmery, semi-obscured field of vision this a.m.

Half a wheel, growing larger.

When I got an eye-exam several years ago, the doc called this an "ocular migraine."