Friday, December 26, 2008

Ever More!

Lots more snow in Snail Hollow over the Christmas holiday. Almost a foot fell in the last storm, but most of it blew away in gusty winds. It was very windy overnight.

We are stuck with big piles of snow all around the driveway. Running out of places to push it where it will be out of the way.

Then there is the path to the kennel.

The dog, Copper, is consigned to lockup after he was caught proudly dragging home the neighbor's dead chicken. We need to maintain the path to access his kennel now, to bring food and water. The snow is very deep. It is a problem that I am not quite ready to deal with, because I am too clumsy to slog through the deep snow without falling. And it is far too difficult for my old mother to handle. Oh well. We'll figure out something.

I missed my PT session Wednesday because we got stuck in Christmas traffic in Provo. The place is a madhouse -- I'm glad we don't go there too often. The clinic is closed today for the holiday. Will resume workouts next week.


Anonymous said...

Poor Copper. He's such a social beast. I feel certain he thought he was bringing home a prize when he gathered up the chicken. It actually wasn't dead, just floppy. Both of its legs were broken, so it just kind of laid there, looking around to the best of its ability. It reminded me of that Far Side cartoon of the boneless chicken ranch. You know the one.

pgk said...

I've had more fun in the snow this year than I can remember ever having when I was a child.

When I lived in Utah Valley, winter was a thing to be dreaded, with its inversions, light pollution, traffic, dirt. I fell out of love with it.

But here, in SJC, winter's a glory. So much direct and refracted light and other snowy pizzazz.

I'm lovin' it.

pgk said...

BTW, Jim, those middle-of-the-night incidents you reported a few months back where you were awakened by a voice calling your name?

That happened to me through my teen years, with a few eruptions in my early 20s. It hardly ever happens now.

I think it's an artifact of brain activity, sparks thrown off by the developing mind. In your case, possibly it's your brain trying to bridge troubled waters, striving to reintegrate, or maybe, the strokes having thrown everything up there into a tizzy, to integrate some areas for the first time.

Just throwin' it out there.

Jim Cobabe said...


You could be on to something. I have been hearing these voices approximately since my little brother died, a rather untimely and violently disturbing death by his own hand. Many of us who were close to him were grief stricken and afflicted with guilt and remorse for years, in many ways. I have suspected that the haunting voice may be associated with that incident, but I don't know why exactly.

Human minds do some pretty weird things.

pgk said...

I'm deeply sorry about your brother.

Under those circumstances, one could see how your brain might decide to start issuing wake-up calls.

Jim Cobabe said...


Thank you for the honest compassion. I will grieve for my lost brother, and other lost loved ones, until the great day when we meet again. Until then, I live with fond remembrances.

I have never come to any real determination about the hearing of voices. Just that I remember it starting about that time, if that has any significance.