Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Credit Union hijinks

Yesterday, pursuant to my recent resolution to change financial institutions that I do business with, I went to the small branch of the credit union, in the Springville Walmart store, to make a very large cash withdrawal. To my embarrassment, they indicated that all my funds are "on hold" for two weeks. The clerk gave me permission to withdraw up to $100. I was requesting many times that amount, covered by cash deposits that I had assumed were immediately available for my access. Somewhat chagrined, I walked away, shaking my head. Apparently, the credit union has free use of these funds, to do with as they see fit, for up to two weeks. In the mean time, I am locked out from using the money.

I do not understand why I keep running into problems such as this. It makes me feel like giving up any relations with financial institutions altogether.

Note that a bit later, the teller phoned me at my home to inform me that she had negotiated clearing the hold on my funds. It was too late for me to do anything about it -- I have to depend on others to provide transportation for me now, at their convenience, and I had already departed from that locale, to my home more than 30 miles away. In her defense, the teller knew nothing about this -- she was just doing her job.

I do appreciate the effort. It just turns out to be a useless gesture. If the credit union administration could have worked this glitch out with a bit more alacrity, it would have spared me substantial angst and mental anguish.

Oh, well. I guess that's what life's all about. *SIGH*

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