Sunday, December 07, 2008


There must be easier ways to fail.

Keep trying...

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pgk said...

I don't know what the weather's like today where you live, but the rain and low cloud ceiling we have here this morning weight the day down. The weather affects my special needs daughter's condition. Is it snowing where you are? How are you feeling today?

In many ways, I consider my daughter's circumstances an epic fail on my part, because I didn't know that the virus that wreaked havoc on her in utero existed, hence, that I needed to take precautions. I speak openly of the consequences of my ignorance for the very reason this poster proclaims -- so that others might learn.

On the other hand, working my way through the mortal crisis we lived with, I have seen things and learned things I wouldn't have seen and learned otherwise, the stuff of legends. Or at least, lacking the crisis, the likelihood I would have learned them is slim.