Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rehab progress 24

I have developed some troubling problems over the past week. In addition to nagging aches and various pains, I have new balance and equilibrium problem when attempting to walk independently, and I have developed a low-grade but irritating headache that waxes and wanes in severity, but never seems to disappear completely. The headache isn't bad, except for occasional spikes of throbbing pain, but it persists and adds to the distracting noise.

On a more positive note, my physical endurance is building back up, slowly but surely. I can easily clock more than a mile on the treadmill. I would have no problem passing the fire department stress test that requires covering a three mile course in 45 minutes, carrying a 45-pound burden.

All things considered, I am encountering and dealing with the daily challenge. Just a bit more progress, and considering my own limitations, I am optimistic that recovery is a reachable goal, if I just keep working at it.


pgk said...

It's been 5 days since you posted this update. Has anything improved? Gotten worse? Has your pain level remained constant? What do your docs say?

Karin said...

We love you Uncle Jim! Get better soon!