Thursday, October 16, 2008


Anybody can be really unpleasant. I see a lot of that on the internet these days. It seems to be more of a challenge to keep unhappiness to yourself.

I try to weep by myself. People tend to misunderstand, to see a grown man crying out loud in public. Then everyone is inclined to ask the most stupid question that can be imagined in those circumstances -- "Is anything wrong?"

Far better to be joined in something we can see the humor together in. As in Elder Wirthlin's counsel we should learn to laugh.

I am sorry and apologize to anyone whose life is saddened by me. I never intended to share that. My sadness is my own.



Brian said...

Is something wrong? HAHAHAHAHA.

Ah shit man (sorry for the curse) isn't that life. Everyone has to be in my business. Leave me alone, and my scars are my own, it isn't your place to ask about them (not you personally, i mean in general. Obviously you've got a free pass to ask me whatever you want. love ya big guy)

Brian said...

I've been *extremely* unhappy too lately though. I dont know why it is or what it comes from, but i have found my true calling. I'm joining the marines Jim. I'll be starting boot camp in March, and in the mean time getting myself back in shape so i can actually run a mile in 9 minutes. good lord you've no clue how hard that is for me (or do you, hah). I've lost 12 pounds already though!

Jim Cobabe said...


I wish you good luck in whatever your endeavor. I think you have chosen a good course, in these troubled times. You might find some security in military employment, for you and your family.

Physical conditioning is just one of those things that takes time and effort, but I know you can do what you want. Just keep working at it. By the time you're in shape, it'll seem easy.

Limasa Family said...

While my sadness is often ridiculous and most likely hormonal, I can relate, I cry all the time lately, about nothing at all. I also feel super awkward crying in public, always have. It really just isn't common to find yourself comfortable in a crowd of strangers.

Boo, perk up (all of us)!