Monday, October 20, 2008

Rehab progress 20

The can of soda continues to emphasize my ridiculous plight.

I am very fond of this particular brew. I pop the lid open, and naturally grip with the right hand.

Wouldn't you think I could drink some soda? I grip the can just fine, initially. But my right hand relaxes, by itself, and I find the can slipping down, out of my grasp. I exercise all my will just to close those fingers tighter, but my hand fails to respond.



pgk said...

You don't need all that caffeine anyway.

... unless ... you're using it for medicinal purposes only?

Drink water, Jim, and time your bathroom trips carefully. Good hydration is very important for the brain's well being. A lot of caffeinated sodas cause dehydration and in quantity can cause toxic buildup resulting in high blood pressure and other problems. Very bad for recovering stroke victims!

B. Perky said...

I can empathize today, after the dentist the left side of my face doesn't work. I also have a right rotator cuff issue that helps me drop stuff in addition to being painful. Apparently this can happen with too much mouse time. Gonna learn to control the mouse on the left.

Tim Malone said...

Sadness...empathy. A two handed soda can grasp returns one to remembrances of childhood. May you be blessed with sweet memories as you go through a second childhood.

Jim Cobabe said...

I acquired the soda-drinking habit while doing foriegn travelling. It was safer to ask for a Coke -- I never knew what the waiter would bring otherwise. Of course, with my career as a computer nerd, it was entirely appropriate to be fond of caffeinated drinks. I liked Mountain Dew better than Coke, and I've been drinking it ever since. My secret vice (I actually have others, but am not telling.)

Jim Cobabe said...


Thanks for the recommendations.

Not to worry -- I drink water most of the time. And in appropriate quantity.

Jim Cobabe said...

Trips to Japan were my final undoing. I don't have much Japanese, so how to explain to my hosts that my religion proscribes certain drinks, Everyone understands the phrase "Coca-cola". Problem solved.

Jim Cobabe said...


I have switched the mouse to my left hand, but not by choice.

It works out just fine -- except my right continues to reach for the mouse, just out of habit.

Some habits are seemingly innocuous. Until you run into some kind of conflict...

Jim Cobabe said...


Thank you for the good will, and the prayers. Most of the time I have nothing else supporting me but the prayers and faith of others. It helps make a rough path a little bit smoother.

Limasa Family said...

Oh man, don't EVEN get me started on Mountain Dew, it is addictive I'm 100 percent sure, back in my high school/dorky video gamer days I used to drink a 2 liter a night and stay up all night playing computer games. Whew! Memories.

We need to get you one of those awesome hats that you can stick two cans in, then you don't have to fill up for awhile ;)

Love ya Jim!