Friday, October 17, 2008

Rehab progress 19

I have developed a condition the physicians refer to as "BPPV" for "benign paroxysmal positional vertigo". The dizzy drunk walking results in part due to misalignment of the rocks in my head. The doctors had to call it something a lot more sophisticated than just rocks in the head, so they refer to them as "otoconia". I knew it must be something like that.

Here is a link to some good information on this problem.

The treatment is simple and painless.

Poor balance and lack of control are some of my most serious problems right now, so hopefully this treatment will help correct it.


B. Perky said...

So, what treatment are you doing? Do you have access to a balance clinic with your rehab? When my vertigo was it's worst I used Antivert. Now I only use ginger. Any form seems to work but I do like it candied.

Jim Cobabe said...

Well, I submitted to the simple procedure shown on the web page. The physical therapist suggested it.

All that is needed is to position the head the right way. The little rocks -- the "otoconia" -- are supposed to realign themselves readily. The treatment consists of falling backwards while lying down on the therapy table, while the therapist lines up my head.

I know, it sounds like some kind of hocus-pocus or snake oil or something. All I know is that it works.

Mary Cook said...

So your vertigo and dizziness are gone? Is your balance better after the treatment? The only thing I have to say about the name is that the whole thing doesn't really sound all that benign.

Jim Cobabe said...


All the improvements are incremental and fairly gradual, but I have noted better balance and equilibrium after a couple of treatments. It seems silly, the simple procedure I go through with the PT guy, but it seems to be working...